Breaking Generational Curses

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Breaking Generational Curses




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The Wicked will continue to be Wicked

I cannot help Myself

If your Brother Repents, Forgive Him

Forgiveness is as much for the Abuser as it is for the Abused

The Abused can become Abusers if they Don't Forgive

Forgive or you won't be Forgiven

You are possessed by the one you Love

God will Give you the desires of your heart


Hang Ups

You do not have to abuse somebody to pass your demons on

Demons, evil spirits and bad attitudes are linked to wrong thinking

That is why the truth sets us free


Most hang ups (bondages) are linked to wrong ideas that have been taught to you

or sometimes ideas that you have developed as a result of bad experiences and have come to accept as true

These ideas can determine how you understand and perceive the world and how you react to people

They can have a profound affect upon your personality and character


When the Holy Spirit comes and lives our heart, all evil spirits are evicted

This is Regeneration or Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Your conscience has been renewed and made alive again


Although evil spirits are evicted when we become a Christian (when the Holy Spirit comes to live within us)

their lies or incorrect ideas sometimes still remain embedded in our memories (in the back of our minds)

If you continue to let God work on your life, he will find and remove these flaws in your personality and he will transform you

Unless these flaws are removed, you will be vulnerable to the devil's devices and he may be able to regain his foothold back in your life

We need to keep turning to God (reading the Bible, fellowshipping with one another, praising  and worshipping God)

in order to continue to be Full of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit has only just begun to work on us at the time of Regeneration / Baptism in the Spirit

He still needs to transform our minds and renew or reformat our memories and get rid of wrong ideas

This is an ongoing process that is called sanctification

This is how God transforms us and makes us Holy

If we keep turning to Him, he will fill us with his Spirit

His light will shine in our lives and show us the things that are not right


If we treasure some things too much and hold onto lies, sometimes an evil spirit can come back into our heart


We can't always see what it is that is holding us in bondage and giving us hang ups

That is why we need to read the word, fellowship with others and Worship God

We need to discern whether what we are told is from God or Satan

We must accept the things that are from God and reject the things that aren't


The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and Self control

If you possess these things in increasing measure, then you can be sure that God is transforming your life







The Moabites and The Ammonites were the nations that descended from Lot

Lot had an incestuous relationship with his daughters who gave birth to the children that fathered these nations

The Moabites and the Ammonites worshiped the gods of Chemosh and Molech  respectively

These Gods encouraged all sorts of sexual perversions including adultery, homosexuality, prostitution and incest

They even demanded the sacrifice of children in the fire

Lots descendants failed to rid themselves of these evils

 Moab and Ammon were eventually excluded from the Assembly of the Lord and Israel was forbidden to make peace with them

Interestingly, Ruth, the grandmother of David, was a Moabite





The Abused can become Abusers if they Don't Forgive


Very often, people who abuse others have been abused themselves


The Bible says "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

It doesn't say "do to others what they do to you!"

Yet, so often this is exactly what happens


"Vengeance is mine" says the Lord


"Turn the other cheek" is easy to say but hard to do


Unless we forgive people who have hurt us, God cannot take away our pain


When we are hurting, we can become insensitive to other's needs

Sometimes we end up taking it out on somebody else - but this just causes guilt in addition to our pain


It is very hard to forgive others when we see ourselves as innocent or perfect

Yet almost always, when a child is abused they have done nothing wrong

How then can they forgive?

Who can take away their pain?


When a child is abused and the abuser is not punished or gets away with it, the child may think that this is acceptable behaviour and start doing it to others

Sometimes when children have been naughty or have flirted with the abuser, they think that they are to blame

these behaviours may need to be corrected but they do not justify abuse


We cannot accept abuse - it must be rejected punished and compensated

Jesus did this when he died on the cross


The Bible tells us that no man, not even one, is without Sin (besides Christ)

While sin means to disobey God, when we disobey God, we always end up abusing somebody, even if it is ourselves

If we can see ourselves as sinners and allow God to forgive us, often God will give us the strength to forgive others

When we fail to see that we are not perfect and that we need God's mercy and grace

we become quick to judge and condemn others


It is hard to forgive somebody who is continuing to abuse us

first we must stop the abuse from happening

this often means getting help from others


Self centeredness often leads us to ignore the needs of others

 Pain sometimes leads to revengeful or abusive behaviors

Sometimes we become so desensitized to pain that we don't realize when we are hurting others

Sometimes we are so filled with hatred that we deliberately abuse others


When we are abused, the tendency is to abuse others

When we are loved, the tendency is to love others


While women cannot rape a man physically, women can be very cruel to men

It is very hard to be attracted to something that causes pain

In an age when sexual abuse is rampant, it is no wonder some men and women are giving up having sexual relations with the opposite sex

If the first sexual experiences with the opposite sex are extremely painful and negative, there may not be a second


Pain not only causes us to avoid certain situations, it can cause us to hurt others

Pain leads to fear and hatred

Fear can cause us to do some awful things


The relationship between abusers and the abused is not much different from that between the chicken and the egg

What comes first?

In reality, it doesn't really matter because, in our lives, this cycle is repeated over and over and over unless we learn to forgive



the abused become abusers



Forgiveness is for the Abuser as much as it is for the Abused


Sin and Abuse are very closely related


Abuse is to mistreat, damage or insult

Sin is to disobey God

When we disobey God, we almost always end up abusing somebody (others, ourselves or God himself)


Sinners (abusers) cannot receive forgiveness unless they repent

When we receive forgiveness, that removes guilt

When we forgive others, we release them from spiritual bondage

Even more than this, when we forgive others, God is able to heal our pain


The bible says "what you bind on earth with be bound in heaven"  (Matt 16:9)

"If you forgive anybody his sins, they are forgiven" (John 20:23)

"If your forgive a man his sin, I will forgive them too"  (2Cor 2:10)


The Bible also says "if you forgive others, God will forgive you and if you do not forgive others, God will not forgive you" (Matt 6:14-15)


Jesus, while being abused and persecuted and put to death on the cross said:

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing"


Non-repentance should not stop us forgiving those who abuse us

If they fail to repent, their guilt remains

If we fail to forgive, our pain remains


There is a God who sees and knows everything

one day, perhaps soon, he is going to come and put things right


Judgment belongs to God

The Bible says "judge not and you will not be judged"

it says "forgive and you will be forgiven"

it says "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

"the measure you use will be measured to you"

"you will reap what you sow"


We all have to Stand before God one day

Remember the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant


Just as the abuser cannot receive forgiveness without turning from his Sin (repenting)

The abused cannot receive healing without first letting go of the offense (forgiving the abuser)


The Wicked will continue to be Wicked

I cannot help Myself

If your Brother Repents, Forgive Him

Forgiveness is as much for the Abuser as it is for the Abused

The Abused can become Abusers if they Don't Forgive

Forgive or you won't be Forgiven

You are possessed by the one you Love

God will Give you the desires of your heart


The parable of the unmerciful servant


Who do you love