Born Again

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Regeneration (Born Again)


What does the term 'Born Again' mean?

The term Born Again is another way of saying reborn or regenerated.  We are born once through the flesh (naturally) but to enter the kingdom of God, we have to be born a second time (supernaturally).  To be reborn as a son of God, we must be born of the Spirit and born of water.  When God comes and makes his home in our heart through his Spirit, we are reborn as a son of God.  God will only come and live in our heart if we invite him in.  Illustration

What are the two aspects of being born again mentioned in John Chapter 3 ?

The water and the Spirit.

We are washed by the water of the Word.  This is symbolized in Baptism.  The Earth was cleansed by a flood.  The Israelites had to pass through the Red Sea to get out of Egypt and they had to cross the Jordan to enter the promised land.  John came baptizing with water and so did Jesus.

God gives us his Spirit when we believe in him and ask him to become our master.  This means we must love him.

The term born again is used only in John's Gospel.  

The other Gospels use terms like Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Baptism in Water which when put together are equivalent to being Born Again.  

Paul confirms this in Romans chap 8.

How do we get born again?

By believing in the Lord Jesus Christ and inviting him to become our Lord and Savior.

What happens to us when we are Born Again?

God comes and lives in our hearts.  (Galatians 4:6)   Our Spirit is regenerated. (John 3:6 Rom 8:10 Rom 8:15-16 1Cor 6:17)  We become a new creation.    Illustration

God begins to transform our soul.

Can we be saved without being Born Again?


Why don't the other gospels use the term "Born Again"?

Because they use the terms Baptism in the Holy Spirit and Baptism in water which together are equivalent to Born Again.

What other terms does the Bible use instead of "Born Again"?

Regeneration, renewed, become a new creation, a son of God, a brother, a child of God, receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, Baptized in the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit came upon, The Holy Spirit was poured out and filled with the Holy Spirit (Paul's conversion).

What is the relationship between Baptism in the Holy Spirit and being Born Again?

We are born again when we are washed in the water of God's word and receive the Holy Spirit.  This is the same as Baptism in the Spirit and symbolized by Baptism in Water.

How do we know we are Born Again?

We know we are born again if we believe the Gospel and have made a decision to follow Christ.  If we are at peace with God because we have confessed our sin and turned away from it.  If we love God more than anything else.  If we are not ashamed to be called a Christian.  If we have confessed to following Christ in the waters of Baptism.  If we obey his commandments.  If we are standing firm.  And most importantly, if his Spirit is living in us.  His Spirit will witness to our Spirit that we are His child.

Were the Jews Born Again?

If they were truly circumcised in heart by the Spirit, then I believe they were "Born Again".  The Jews that rejected Jesus were disqualified from the inheritance given to Abraham's seed.

Was Abraham Born Again?

I believe he was.  We are born again by faith and obedience to God.  When Abraham was circumcised in the flesh, he was also circumcised inwardly by the Spirit.  If the Jews that rejected Christ were broken off and no longer regarded as Children of Abraham and the Gentiles that accepted Christ were grafted in to become Spiritual descendants of Abraham, then there would be no value in being a descendant of Abraham if his descendants were not Saved or Born Again.  To be reborn as a Child of God means that you become a child of Abraham and hence qualify to inherit the promise.  Galatians 3:6-9

Is it possible to enter the kingdom of heaven without being born again?


What does Jesus say to Nicodemus in John 3:10?

"You are Israel's teacher and do you not understand these things?"  In other words, Nicodemus should have already known what Jesus was saying.

Why should Nicodemus have already known what Jesus was teaching?

Because the Jews should have been circumcised by the Spirit and hence Born Again too.  As a result of unbelief and disobedience, the Jews had become uncircumcised in Heart and hence were not Born Again when Jesus came to them.

What is Circumcision of the Heart by the Spirit? (Romans 2:29)

This is the inward change that occurs when Jews believe and obey God.  It is the equivalent of Baptism in the Spirit.  Rebirth is therefore the inward condition of a believer who loves God and is obedient to his word.

Is this equivalent to being Born Again?


Do the Jews need to be Baptized?  Why?

Yes.  Failure to do so represents disobedience to God. 

If they truly believe and love God and keep his commandments, they are circumcised in the Spirit and so they are Born Again and therefore do not need to be Baptized in the Spirit.  

John the Baptist went to the Jews to preach a Baptism of repentance.

The Jews still practice baptism today. 

What was the state of the Jewish nation in Jeremiahs time? (Jeremiah 4:4, Jeremiah 9:25-26)

Jeremiah says that "even the whole house of Israel is uncircumcised in heart."  He tells them to circumcise themselves to the Lord and circumcise their hearts or God's wrath will break out and burn like fire because of the evil that they had done.

What was the state of the Jewish nation in Christ's time?

Not much different to that of Jeremiah's.  

What was the consequence of this? (Romans 11:20)

They were broken off.





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