Psalms & Spiritual Songs

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Psalms & Spiritual Songs


Someone Took The Time


I'm glad that someone took the time to tell me of my Lord

I'm glad that somebody took the time to read it from his word

I'm pleased they also spent some time telling Jesus love to me

For it gives me chance to take the time to tell of Calvary


They showed me Jesus as a babe, who from Heaven to manger came

They showed me Jesus and His love, who heal the sick, the blind, the lame

I read that Jesus, on the cross, died to take away my sin

And I heard of God's "eternal life" that I might enter in


They they taught me how to live a life obedient to my Lord

They shared their love with joy and peace according to His Word

They showed me how to grow in grace with prayers for strength and love

And now I'm saved by tender Grace through faith in God above


So let me take the time to tell of Jesus and His love

For my Saviour washed away my sins when on the cross he Shed his blood

If we would only put our trust in Him and by faith we do believe

His holy word tells us Eternal life we will receive.

by Liliana Lovell


Your Spirit stirs within me

Your Spirit stirs within me  
He is calling out my name  
He speaks continually  
As he watches over me  

You are the way,  
the truth, the life  
On you I will depend  
I'll listen carefully for your voice  
to guide each step I take  

Your Word will never fail me  
And your blood - it covers all  
Your Spirit leads me into light  
They never disagree  

You lead me into victory  
Full of life, peace and joy  
For glory, honor and blessing  
Are mine when I obey your call 

by Nigel Hawkins

Lord of My Life

Lord you are a precious friend  
You advocate for me  
Though my sins are many  
You do not abandon me  

Lord of my life  
I thank you for your love  
For when I had no other hope  
You paid the price for me  

You cleanse my soul  
You set me free  
You make me whole  
You live in me  

Lord, Fill me now  
That I may stand  
Overcome the enemy  
Work your plan in me  

by Nigel Hawkins

Gardner of My Soul

Oh gardener of my soul  
You put your seed in me  
My hardened heart you softened  
So you could grow in me  

Please make me into fertile ground  
Take my rocks and weeds  
Grow deep into my heart and  
Produce a crop in me  

Be patient when I bear no fruit  
Do not turn from me  
When the cares of this world begin to choke  
Please feed and water me  

When at last I do bare fruit  
Please prune me back again  
That I may have a lasting crop  
And glorify your name 

 by Nigel Hawkins

Source of Life

Lord You are the source of life  
You sustain my every need  
You give me victory in defeat  
and glorify your name  

You are the light that guides my path  
The voice that speaks to me  
You give me peace to do your will  
and walk each step with me  

You are the mystery of the universe  
You give meaning to my life  
You called me for a higher purpose  
I am part of your eternal plan  

Oh lamb of God  
Oh lamb of God  
You shed your blood upon the cross  
You paid the price for me 

  by Nigel Hawkins

But then you came and found me

Once I was lost in sin  
But then you came and found me  
You gave me a new spirit  
when I believed in you  

As I behold your glory  
You work within my soul  
You show me what I am  
without condemning me  

When I turn to you, oh Lord  
you fill me with your spirit  
Now I am alive and free  
I have joy and peace within


by Nigel Hawkins

He takes me as I am

Jesus is my savior  
He takes me as I am  
I do not need to be perfect  
before I come to him  

He is a shelter in a storm  
He bathes and heals my wounds  
He clothes me with a spotless garment  
He feeds and nourishes me  

He sends me out into the world  
His message to proclaim  
And if I stumble on the way  
He will take me in again  

Though some mock and criticize  
they just don't understand  
that Jesus is my savior  
He lives inside of me

by Nigel Hawkins


You have given us the Land

Your Spirit is here  
You've given us the land  
Your call is irrevocable  
You've got us in your hand  

Lord, give us revelation  
Unfold your plan to us  
Tell us why you put us here  
We will listen to your word

by Nigel Hawkins


When I have no confidence

When I have no confidence  
When I'm in despair  
When I am confused ashamed  
and I'm about to crack  

When peace and joy have left me  
When I can love no more  
When I can see how vile I am  
and wish I was dead

I cling to the one that can save me  
I call upon his name  
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus  
I've blown it once again  

Please lift me up and heal me 
Take away my pain  
Forgive my sin and  
wash away my shame

 by Nigel Hawkins


You alone are worthy

You alone are worthy to receive  
Power, wisdom, riches, strength  
Glory, honor and praise  

Your Throne is everlasting  
Your Plan so glorious  
That the people you inhabit  
should become your splendid bride  

I will trust in you  
And strive no more  
I'll walk in step with you spirit  
As you bring about your plan  

The battle's won  
Your kingdom come  
Your will be done  
On Earth as it is in Heaven

 by Nigel Hawkins

When the brothers and sisters all agree

Behold how good and pleasant it is 
when brethren live in unity 

When the Spirit moves among us 
We are filled with glorious joy 
Peace surpasses understanding 
Divisions fade away 

When we seek revelation 
He gives us living water 
Light shines in darkness 
Satan is defeated - hooray! 

Yes, when brothers and sisters all agree 
The Spirit comes in power 
For there the LORD bestows his blessing, 
even life forevermore. 

by Nigel Hawkins  





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