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Reconciliation through Christ

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that aims to clarify doctrine and unite the Body of Christ

I would like to thank the following groups and individuals who have supported, contributed or influenced this web page in some way by their ministry, fellowship, testimonies and feedback or by their practical, financial, emotional and spiritual support
Inclusion on this list does not necessarily imply endorsement for or agreement with any topic that has been covered or any association with the authors.

Lee Hawkins (my wife)

Timothy, Daniel & Jack Hawkins (my 3 sons)

Lilian and Bill Hawkins  (my parents)

Lisa and Belinda Hawkins (my sisters)

Tan Mien Chen and Family

Lily and Sin Ewe Teoh, Eng Seng and Charity

Mark and Lee Huan Zannatta, Ben and Stephanie

Fung & Zhu Lan

Chris and Claudia


Ronn Wyatt

Kent Hovind

Daniel and Suzie Walmsley

Natalie and Ross Dowling (and Samantha)

Phil and Lang Reid

William, Jonathan, Jessica, Emily, Christian Reid

Michael and Leigh Green

Nathan Joshua and Isaac Green

Susan and Mark Savige

Emily and Ryan Savige

Ian Treacy & Family

The Pilay Family

Petros Patroulias

John Houston

Roger Fabian

Graham Reece

Brian and Bobby Houston

Robert Ferguson

Benjamin Craig

Louie Giglio

Steve Furtick

Bill Hybels

Carl Lenzt

Robert Madu

Frank Houston

Tanya Riches

Moape Mapala



Dale Stephenson

United Family Church Moorebank

Christian City Church Prospect

Christian City Church Oxford Falls

Hillsong (Hills Christian Life Center)

Crossway Baptist Church

The Local Church in Melbourne and Sydney

Coverdale Christian School

Carey Baptist Grammar School

Parramatta Baptist Church

Boronia Baptist Church

Riverstone Community Church

Ingleburn Baptist Church

Leumeah Baptist Church

All Saints Anglican Church - Parramatta

Eagles Nest - Katoomba

St Bartholemews Anglican Church

Bible Study Fellowship - Box Hill and Epping

St Lukes Anglican Church, Suva, Fiji

Flagstaff Assemblies of God, Flagstaff, Fiji

St Christopher's Home, Suva, Fiji

Lakeside Christian Centre

The Watchtower  Bible Tract Society - Liverpool 

Quakers Hill Anglican Chruch

Arabic Calvary Chapel

Graham & Narrelle Lenard

Pastor Ian Treacy

Pastor Moape Malapa

Naleba family

Arlene Treacy

Pastor Margret - Crossways

Pastors Chris and Chris - Crossways

Dane Courtney

Anthony Douglas

Adam Jolliffe

Geoff Bates

Richard and Kelly Mitton

Lang and Phil Reid

Michael, Jonathan, Jessica, Emily and Christian

Martine Williams

Ross and Jan Peacock

Trevor, David, Craig, David, Brett, Chris

Sonny and Bekka

Geoff and Diane

Steve and Susanne

Danny and Sharmalee

Susan and Mark Savige

Emily and Ryan Savige

Michael and Lee Green

Glenn and Vivienne

Ivan, Daniel, Andrew, Luke, Scott, Craig

Steve Reimer

Steve Cross

Graydon Corville

Robbie Hayes

Allan and Meg Cook

David and Jo Staker

David and Cheryl Storey

Garry and Bronwyn

Sue Brogden

Kent Hovind (CSE)

James McCabe

Heath Smith

Daryl Evans

Chris Thornhill

Danny Pollock

Peggy Pollock

Robert Hooke

Pastor Bill Pryor

Pastor Subramany Pilay

Pastor Vinaud

Pastor Vinod

Michael Petros

Julian Bachelor

Michael Pitts

Che Ahn

Pastor Ray Davies

John, Michael & Paul 

Pastor John

Ray & Lindon

Anna & Oge

Tesse and Atoy

Eve & Anna




Ron and Margaret

Shalandra & Valeshni Pilay

Elizabeth & Philip










The Topsom Family

Graham and Vicki Reece

The Jones Family


Pastor Stuart Robinson

Pastor Rick Syndal

Pastor Clarrie Edwards

The Lenard Family

The Vaugh Family

Peter Hardiman

John Rollason

Lawrence Tamplin and Lucy Iwan

Carol Gardiner

Margaret Wilson

Samuel Kakarda

Brian & Melevessi Lamb

Losena Tuipolotu

Val Hounslow

Mariella Mas

David Rainey

Gerry Ball

Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Serge Grygoruk

Pastor Phil Pringle

Pastor Casey Treat

Pastor Bill Johnson

Pastor Kevin Brett

Pastor Steve Kelly

Pastor Rick Godwin

Jentezen Franklin

Steven Furtick

Pastor Ray MacCauley

Pastor Ray Bevan

Tim Hall

Fergus McIntyre

Pastor Robert Kayanja

Pastor Dick Bernal

Pastor Donna Crouch

Pastor Trevor Loveday

Mark & Darlene Zscheck

Bobby Houston

Joel & Julia A'Bell

Salvatore (Sam) Dimora

Samways (Sanger)

Butter Chicken


Chris Pringle

Subutra Pilay

Holly Wagner

Cathy Lechner

Max Zalakos

Mark Hopkins

Andrew Harper

Andrew and Sharon Pitman

George Aghajanian

Pat Mesiti

Christine Caine

Lisa Bevere

Beth Moore

Phil Dooley

Matt Tickner

Darren Kitto

Pat and Les Chivers

Stephen and Rebecca Farr

Mickey Ivory

Dr Justin Low

Robert Ferguson

Dallas and Kerry

Tanya Riches

Lisa Young

Miriam Webster

Jo Bennetts

Marc Stolk


Margaret Howard

Peter and Tracey New

Brett and Rebecca New

Jon Jeremiah

Samuel Kim

Matthew Jarvis and Family

Rev Peter Clark

Deiter Gunther

David Craig

Durham Partridge

Geoff Scully

Phillip Kong

Peter Lewis

Michael Heatherly

James and Ruth

Leighton and Lee King

Stephen Jeffery

Steven Pak

Roger Symes

Ray McNee

Manora Chan

John, Trevor & Joe

The Currie Family

Margret and Barry

Steve and Cathy

Ken and Sue

Allan and Rose

Nick and Val

Mark and Bonnita

Peter and Cathy

Greg and Robin

John and Miriam

John and Kim




Leigh and Heidi

Nick and Val

Michael and Annette

Shan Ong

Mithrin Coomarasamy

Hien Huynh

Allan Noble

Sr June Hopsom

David and Kim

Trevor and Sharon

Mr Clarke

Paul and Debbie

Linda and Donal

The Moores

The Woods

The Marshes

Steve and Miriam

Jim and Louise

Cliff and Colleen

Tony and Mary




Dr Paul Knight

Dr Alan Amos

Dr Chin Goh

Dr Peter Hong

Dr Kerry Brown

Dr Barry Wilken

Dr Tony Penna

Dr Michael Brydon

Dr Versilly Berdoukas

Dr Rod Bishop

Dr John Smythe

Dr Robert Hardwick

Dr John Boulton

Ms Nola Katakousinos

Srs Ruth, Mark, Di, Nissi, Jim, Jenny, Wendy

Dr David Lilystone

Dr John Keogh

Dr Graham Reeves

Dr P Procopis

Prof K Oates

Sr Sue Reynolds

Dr Amir Hanna

Dr Christella Mylordi

Dr Joseph Disordi

Dr Pam Lee

Dr Ingrid Hayes

Dr Mal Horne

Dr Seema Sharma

Dr Craig Smith

Dr Greg Szto

Dr Thuyen Phan

Dr Peter Poon

Primary Health Care

Ingleburn Medical Center

Dr Edmund Bateman

Dr Petros Patroulias

Dr John Houston

Dr Patrick Lee

Dr Raj Singh

Dr Tuan Tran

Dr David Caincross

Dr Bing Taylor

Dr Sunil Vyas

Dr Roger Fabian

David, Patrick, Tran, Irena, Bing, Robert, Brent

Maryanne, Darko & Eneka

Nancy, Donna, Wendy, Sharon, Seleena, Robin, Scott & Kylie

Rebecca, Christie, Alison, Anne, Marian & Rebecca

Edna, Kerrie, Olivia, Lisa, Covy, Cathy, Jackie , Sherridan, Michelle,

Staff at Rouse Hill and Ingleburn Medical centers

Alison, Wendy, Jeremy

Sue, Kerri, Kerry, Tonia, Paddy, Hanna, Charlie, Emma, Leana, Alexis, Mili

Sharon, Valeshni, Ray, Ralgin

And especially, My Patients


For the many others that were not mentioned, I would also like to thank







I would like to thank the following Authors and Publishers whose works have inspired parts of this web page:

Liliana Lovell

Billy Graham

David Pawson

Frank Thompson

Watchman Nee

Witness Lee

Rick Joyner

Col Stringer

John Bunyan

Arthur Pink

Wayne Grudem

Duffield and Van Cleave

Edwin Lewis Cole

Arthur Wallis

Allan Norling

Brian Houston

Pat Mesiti

Bruce Shelly

Leon Wood

Bill Subritsky

Dr Henry Cloud

Dr John Townsend

Jesse Duplantis Ministries

Jerry Savelle


Living Stream Ministry

Ellel Ministries

Peter Horobin





I would like to thank the following Artists and Publishers for their uplifting and inspirational praise and worship

Geoff Bullock


Morning Star

Heart of David

Bethel Music

Don Potter

Kari Jobe


Young and Free


Matt Redman



Toby Mac

Steve Apirana

John Fairbanks

David Evans


DC Talk

Ray Bevan

Youth Alive


Noel Richards

Oslo Gospel Choir

Hosana Music

Integrity Music


Gloria Hunt

Christian City Church


Ron Kenoly

Keith Green

The Parachute Band

Iron and Clay

Paradise Worship