The Holy Bible

New International Version

Zondervan ISBN 0-310-90767-5


Pigs in the Parlor

The practical guide to Deliverance

Frank and Ida Mae Hammond 1973

Impact Christian Books ISBN# 0- 89228-027-1


Demons Defeated

Bill Subritzky 1985

Sovereign World ISBN# 1-85240-185-0

Dove Ministries


They Shall Expell Demons

Derek Prince 1998

Chosen Books ISBN# 0-8007-9260-2


Evicting Demonic Intruders

Noel & Phyl Gibson 1993

New Wine Press ISBN# 1-874367-09-4


Systematic Theology

An introduction to Biblical Doctrine

Wayne Grudem 1994

Inter-Varsity Press GB ISBN 0-85110-652-8

Zondervan Publishing House USA ISBN 0-310-28670-0



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