God's Law vs Man's Law

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God's Law vs Man's Law


God's law is different to Man's law

If you break man's law (commit a crime), you may go Jail

If you break God's law (commit a sin) you may go to Hell

The Bible teaches us to respect all authorities including the Laws of Man



God in his Grace and Mercy decided to send his Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross in our place. 

      • If we accept this and repent of our sin and put our faith in Christ, our sins are covered by the Blood of Christ.
      • If we reject Christ, then we must pay the price for our own sin.

God could not simply forgive us without somebody paying the price as God would be nullifying his own law or making himself unrighteous

How would you feel if the person who ruthlessly murdered your son or daughter was simply let off by the Judge because he said sorry?

If we get a parking ticket or a speeding ticket, it doesn't matter how many times we park the car properly or drive under the speed limit after that; we still have to pay the ticket. 

It is the same with God but the punishment is death.

It doesn't matter who pays the price so long as the penalty is paid and the offender stops doing the wrong thing.

We have all sinned and so we have all fallen short of the Glory of God

The punishment for sin is death.

See God's Law

Jesus came and paid the price for us.  All we have to do is repent and look to Him for our Salvation and we shall receive the gift of eternal life.


On the other hand, how should we as stewards of God's Grace treat our fellow man when he sins?

The Bible says: "Forgive and You will be Forgiven"  "Judge and you will be Judged"  "Do to others as you would have them do unto You"

What's more, the Bible says "if we do not forgive, we will not be forgiven"

There is the parable of the unmerciful servant who was forgiven his debt but did not forgive those indebted to him - He was thrown in Jail


God's Law vs Man's Law

Just because God lets us off when we break his law (provided we are covered by Christ's precious blood) it does not mean that we will escape man's punishment.

As Christians, we still must suffer the consequences of breaking man's laws. 

Off course, we may get a lighter sentence if we are remorseful and demonstrate true repentance.  There may be ameliorating factors.  The victim may choose not to press charges.  There may be obligatory sentencing.



Often we may break God's law without breaking Man's Law

Man's law is limited to what can be proven but God knows our heart.

Sin and Abuse are very similar.

When we abuse somebody we are committing a sin. 

This includes violence, spouse abuse, child abuse and rape which are also against Man's Law.

(Strictly speaking though, sin is to disobey God)

Sin usually results in us abusing somebody, somehow, be it ourselves, others or God.

Some types of abuse are hard to prove and some are not even against Man's law.

For example, emotional abuse, swearing, taking people for granted, being lazy & not pulling your weight, adultery, homosexuality, idolatry, fornication, being domineering or controlling, selfishness, pride, arrogance, being unforgiving and hating one another

God, however, knows our heart and our motives and the things that we do in secret.

See Sexual Sin



God's law is unchanging

Man's laws can change from one day to the next



God's laws usually don't contravene Man's laws where there is freedom of Religion

If there was a conflict between God's law and Man's law, a Christian would be advised to keep God's Law

It would be better to go to Jail than to rot in Hell



God's Laws are higher than Man's Laws



Should we forgive sinners if they repent?

Should we invite thieves, murderers, adulterers, homosexuals, divorcees, child abusers and spouse abusers into the church?

What if they are still living in sin?

What if they are in trouble with the law?

How will they hear the Gospel otherwise?



What if somebody is still Living in sin?

How will somebody hear the gospel if we reject them or fail to invite them to Church?


What if your brother is sinning?

The Bible tells us not to associate with a Brother who is sexually immoral, divisive or an idolater


What if somebody is in trouble with the law?

If somebody is in trouble with the law, it should not stop you ministering to them and showing kindness and love to them by accepting and not rejecting them if they are repentant.

If they have committed a crime and if they are hiding from the Law, you may become an accessory after the fact if you knowingly help them.  Eg Child Abuse

If we do not want to suffer the punishment of Man, we must respect man's laws.

We must not harbor or aid and abet fleeing criminals.

If a criminal comes to us and confesses and repents, we should not help them while they are hiding from the Law, knowing this to be the situation.

If they subject themselves to man's righteous laws by handing themselves in, then we as Christians should extend a hand of love and kindness and help those who genuinely repent.

If somebody has been to jail and paid for their offense and no longer have any issues with the law, then we should accept them if they have repented.



Remember, perfect love casts out all fear.


We should not be those who are motivated by fear but our actions should be motivated by love.


It takes a lot of Love to forgive some people and it is sometimes hard not to fear.


Just remember the parable of the unmerciful servant


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